Why would I choose Ellipse Laser for Hair Removal?

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There are many hair removal systems to choose from, so why choose Ellipse Laser?

What is it?

Ellipse Laser is a hair removal treatment which uses short, safe bursts of intense pulsed light to remove unwanted hair from all body sites in minutes.  Its advantage is that it is a  longer-term method that involves destroying the roots with heat and light. It can remove hair from any part of the body.

It must be administered by a trained beautician or medical professional (laser removal is listed as a medical procedure in parts of the USA) using specialist equipment.  It has become one of the most reliable and popular treatments for unwanted hair.

How does Ellipse treatment work?

A thin layer of gel is applied to your skin before treatment, to ensure the maximum amount of light enters the skin. The Ellipse applicator is pressed against the skin and a carefully controlled pulse of visible light is released. The … light is absorbed by pigment (melanin) in your hair. Melanin converts the light into heat, which travels down the hair and heats the hair matrix, preventing future hair growth.

Is it proven to be effective?

The Journal of Dermatological Treatment and pubmed.gov have published a number of independent studies testing hair removal using laser.  Lepselter and Elman found that “a single treatment can reduce hair by 10-40%; three treatments by 30-70%; and repeated treatments by as much as 90%. These results persist for as long as 12 months”.

They conclude that Laser treatment “when properly used, offers clear advantages when compared with older, traditional techniques…. An ever-increasing number of published studies have confirmed the safety and short and long-term efficacy…”

How does it compare with other techniques?

A study conducted at the ASVAK Laser Center comparing laser and electrolysis for hair removal on 12 patients concluded that “laser hair removal was 60 times faster, less painful and more reliable than electrolysis”.

Shaving is the most commonly used method because of its relative cost, but research has found it to be  “only temporary and can lead to irritation of the shaved area”.

Independent testimonials from journalists

Jessica Cruel tested techniques on self.com and concluded:

  • Laser hair removal does drastically reduce hair growth—to the point that you can stop shaving altogether.

  • You can get it done anywhere on the body, and the machine can cover large places fast. Legs, back, underarms, bikini line, stomach, face…There is no limit to the places you can get laser hair removal.

Ruth Griffin for the Independent reported that

“After experimenting with pretty much all the hair-eliminating techniques.. I ended up getting my top lip lasered and found it brilliant”.

Lisa Rohan writing for Roscommon People found that

“People spend so much time and money shaving and waxing unwanted hair and this process has to be repeated every three or four weeks if they are doing it consistently. With laser hair removal, it is a simple process that is done every six to eight weeks. Your skin will be much smoother and the results are longer lasting compared to shaving and waxing so you will get better bang for the buck”.

LA Beauty Clinic

Laser treatment must be undertaken by a trained and qualified person.  LA Beauty clinic is a licensed Ellipse Laser specialist providing hair removal, thread vein & acne treatments, & skin rejuvenation. Our staff  have 14 years experience of ellipse laser.